Highlighting Nutrition Education Programs in Schools

School based programming is a key opportunity to reach our target population in SNAP-Ed.  Two programs shared their Smarter Lunchrooms work.  Read more about their programs below:

Michigan State University

In 2016-2017, in partnership with Team Nutrition over 90 schools received the Smarter Lunchroom initiative. In addition, over 40 schools received the Fuel Up To Play 60 program in partnership with the United Dairy Industry of Michigan. Trained Michigan State University nutrition professionals provide support in completing the pre and post assessment for each initiative as well as the implementation of 10 Smarter Lunchroom scorecard items or a Healthy Eating and Physical Activity play for Fuel up to Play 60. Many of the schools are receiving Smarter Lunchroom, Fuel Up to Play 60 as well as direct education using Show Me Nutrition for a true educational experience!   For more information on the work at Michigan State University, contact Dawn Earnesty, MS RDN (wilcoxd4@anr.msu.edu).

Fuel Up to Play 60 participants at MSU

Rutgers Cooperative Extension

Food waste is a major issue in the United States. Schools are one of the most important sites for food waste reduction efforts because they hold a daily captive audience that can be influenced to make better choices. Additionally the state recently passed a law aimed to reduce the amount of food waste in New Jersey by 50 percent by 2030. Through the training and technical assistance of the Family and Community Health Science Educators the Paterson Public School system reduced food waste by approximately 90,720 pounds district wide for the school year. Working with the food service.  For more information, contact Sara Elnakib, RD, MPH, CHES (elnakib@njaes.rutgers.edu).

Smarter lunchrooms lunch line

Summer Feeding Programs in North Carolina

Summer Feeding Programs in North Carolina



The Alice Aycock Poe Center for Health Education is a non-profit SNAP Ed implementing agency dedicated to educating and empowering North Carolina’s children, youth and their families to make choices that increase positive health behaviors. Since establishing its Raleigh facility in 1991, the Poe Center has provided health education to over one million children throughout North Carolina.  

The Poe Center was Wake County Public School System’s first open summer feeding site for free, healthy lunches, and is partnering with Child Nutrition Services for the fourth year. Other agencies and community volunteers are getting on board and helping to attract more children and their families: Volunteer Zumba and Yoga instructors; Delta Dental; Muddy the Mudcat, mascot of our local minor league baseball team; Marbles Children’s Museum; and, NC State Mascots Mr. and Ms. Wuf are all graciously volunteering time and effort to enhance the Poe Center’s summer feeding program, encourage kids to follow MyPlate, and get their 60 minutes of physical activity a day.  During the summer of 2015 Poe served over 800 lunches on their PlayWELL Park. In the first two weeks of Poe’s 2016 Summer Feeding Program almost 200 children received a free lunch.

Additionally, this summer Poe Center staff and interns are partnering with other agencies to provide SNAP Ed and activities at other newly established Wake County open feeding sites.  Poe Center hopes to expand their SNAP Ed programming into other North Carolina counties summer feeding sites in 2017!