SNAP-Ed Brochure

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Land-Grant universities, and their partners, work to provide vital nutrition assistance programming and information through SNAP-Ed.  The LGU SNAP-Ed Program Development Team undertook developing and disseminating this brochure as part of strategic planning to market their collective work to internal and external partners. Download the brochure electronically or use for informal printing.  Contact Sandra Jensen at to receive copies of the brochure.

Cent$ible Nutrition News Newsletters

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The University of Wyoming Extension distributes Cent$ible Nutrition News newsletters approximately 6 times each year.  These newsletters can be found in English and Spanish.  Newsletters have ways to save money at the grocery store, physical activity tips and a recipe.  Below you will find 3 recent newsletters and a link for previous articles. 

For more information on the Cent$ible Nutrition Program or questions about the newsletters, please contact Kali McCrackin Goodenough at

February/March 2015   — English and Spanish

December 2015/January 2016 — English and Spanish

October/November 2015  — English and Spanish


For previous newsletters, visit 



WA State Extension — Energize Newsletters

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Washington State University Extension publishes 10 nutrition education newsletters each year on various topics.  Below you will find the newsletters from 2015 and also 3 additional articles written on Policies, Systems, and Environment (PSE).  To view additional articles, visit the Washington State Extension webpage

For more information on the nutrition education newsletters, contact Kathleen Manenica at

2016 Newsletters

December — Tribal Communities 

November — Minerals

October — Policies, Systems, and Environmental Change Revisited

September — Farm to School

August — Obesity Prevention

June — Food Waste

April — Senior Nutrition and Physical Activity

February — 2015 Dietary Guidelines

March — Healthy Eating Patterns


2015 Newsletters

February — The Roles of Policy and Systems (PSE 3 of 3)

April — Low-fat or Pro-fat?

May — Community Gardens

June — Community Kitchens

July — Low-cost Recipes

August — Whole Grains

September — Food Security

October — Fast Food Realities

November — Food, Nutrition Education, and the Military

December — Aw, Nuts! and Seeds


Additional PSE Newsletters

Policy, Systems, and Environment (PSE 1 of 3)

The Role of the Environmental Supports:  Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice (PSE 2 of 3)